How to Effectively Deal With Workplace Harassment

Dealing with workplace harassment, bullying, and discrimination is a daunting task if you’re tackling the situation by yourself. However, employers and coworkers must be proactive in dealing with cases that destroy harmony in the workplace. The law also dictates and enforces the protection of all workers against unwanted actions of coworkers and toxic working environments. 

Ideally, every working space should be a safe working space. But in reality, it isn’t often the case. What if you experienced workplace harassment? Here are a few steps to guide you on what to do:

1. Try to Speak With the Perceived Offender

Talking to the offender might seem terrifying at first thought, but it is still best to confront the person and have a personal talk about what you feel about their behaviour. Sometimes, the other individual isn’t aware of what they are doing, so it is best to clarify things up, just in case.

However, if the harassment is intentional, a firm talk about the issue might help them stop. Just keep in mind that talking alone might not solve the problem. In the worst-case scenario, it might only help aggravate the situation further. In such scenarios, it would then be best to document the harassment and the steps to de-escalate the case as you take further actions. 

2. Speak to Someone Who Can Help You 

If the first step is ineffective or not possible for whatever reason, you can consult a trusted coworker, your manager, human resources personnel, or a union leader at your workplace. It is best to look at your organisational chart to see who you can approach first in conversation.

Don’t worry—a good workplace should have internal systems in mind when dealing with workplace harassment and advocating for regular and long-term casual employee rights in the workplace.

3. Press Charges Through the Fair Work Commission

If the first and second attempts at solving the issue failed, you can take it a step further and file a complaint at the Fair Work Commission. You may also work with dedicated lawyers to help you submit the requirements, word your complaint letter, and help you plan legal arguments on time.

4. Inquire for Expert Legal Advice

A legal expert will ask pertinent questions regarding your situation and help you figure out your next move forward. Tell them your story from when the bullying started up to the steps undertaken to mitigate the problem.

Ways to Protect Your Rights and Win Your Case

  1. Take Swift Actions the Moment Harassment Starts: Do not delay standing up for your rights and let the bully have their way. 
  2. Keep Records: Make sure you correctly record all the events and actions you have taken, including all details about the time, date, place, witnesses, and names of perpetrators. 
  3. Secure Necessary Documents: In cases like workplace harassment, preparation and information is the key. Have your work contract, employee handbook, work guidelines, and any relevant working papers and read them thoroughly. 


Working in a place where an individual suffers harassment, bullying, or discrimination should never be experienced by anyone. But if you encounter trials like this, always remember that there are ways to get you out of it. Ultimately, you should let legal professionals help you.

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