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Workplace disputes CAN be resolved efficiently and economically. Work Claims Australia do this everyday.

Unfortunately, it is usually not in the best interests of traditional law firms to do this, so individuals are unnecessarily dragged through a lengthy and expensive process.

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Unfair dismissal Kinross process under the Fair Work Act

Note: The diagram above sets out the unfair dismissal process as it applies to a majority of the matters that come before the Fair Work Commission. However, each case is dealt with on its own merits and may include steps or processes different to those shown below

Definition of Unfair dismissal:
See Fair Work Act s.385

Under the Fair Work Act a person has been unfairly dismissed if the Fair Work Commission is satisfied that an employee (who is protected from unfair dismissal) has been dismissed and the dismissal:

  • was harsh, unjust or unreasonable, and
  • was not consistent with the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code[1] (in the case of employees of a small business), and
  • was not a case of genuine redundancy.

HOTLINE: (08) 9301 0850

Most of our work is with people who have matters that need to go to the Fair Work Commission or to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission. We are leaders in unfair dismissal services Kinross, but also take care of worker’s compensation claims with a special boutique division devoted to Seafarers and also Comcare covered workers.

We can help you with:

Who can Apply?
The Fair Work Commission is limited by law in the unfair dismissal claims that it can deal with – this is called its ‘jurisdiction’.

To make an application you must:

  • lodge your application within 21 days of dismissal becoming effective
  • be covered by the national workplace relations system
  • be an employee who has been dismissed, and
  • meet eligibility criteria, including the minimum employment period.

An employer can lodge a jurisdictional objection (PDF) if they believe their dismissed employee does not fall within the Commission’s jurisdiction. This means the employer is saying the Commission does not have the power to deal with the claim. If the objection is upheld the unfair dismissal claim will be dismissed. For more details, get in contact with us today to discuss your options.

What Does the Law Say?

Section 387 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) sets out the criteria for whether a dismissal is “harsh, unjust or unreasonable”. There are eight key factors that the FWC must take into account, including:

  • Whether there was a valid reason;
  • Whether the employer notified the employee of the reason;
  • Whether the employee had the opportunity to respond;
  • Whether there was unreasonable refusal to allow a support person to attend discussions relating to the dismissal;
  • Whether the employer had warned the employee about unsatisfactory performance, if applicable;
  • The size of the employer’s enterprise and its relevant procedures;
  • Any absence of a dedicated HR manager; and
  • Any other relevant matters.

To find out if you are eligible to apply, contact us on (08) 9301 0850 to have a chat about your eligibility.

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Case Study – Benefits and Entitlements

It was in Brett’s employment contract that if he met certain performance indicators, he would receive a quarterly bonus.

Brett worked hard, putting in extra hours to meet and exceed his targets. The bonus never came.

After attempts to claim the amount failed, Brett sought professional advice.

Having established that Brett was entitled to this performance pay and the employer was withholding his entitlement, the matter was swiftly rectified.

Having established that Brett was entitled to this performance pay and the employer was withholding his entitlement, the matter was swiftly rectified.

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