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Specialty Areas –Seacare and Comcare

Working on ships and fixed platforms in Australian waters is a unique workplace environment. Workclaims Australia has extensive experience in representing workers from the Australian maritime industry.

The rights and entitlements of a seafarer injured in the course of their employment is governed by the Seafarers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1992. We specialise in Seacare cases in the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The Seacare scheme is a national system of occupational health and safety, workers compensation and rehabilitation arrangements. The scheme is overseen by the Seacare Authority. It is compulsory for the shipping companies to have insurance, but the sheer size of these companies means seafarers are up against some tough international insurers, insurance brokers and top law firms. There is no need to attempt to face this proposition alone when expert help is available.

The rights and entitlements for workers injured while working for a Commonwealth employer or a national employer is administered by Comcare and disputes over these claims are processed in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Any seafarer or Comcare covered worker with a claim – disputed or otherwise – should contact Workclaims Australia’s on 08 9301 0850.

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