Redundancy in Australia – Ending Employment

If you have been dismissed for redundancy and you believe that it is not a genuine redundancy, you may have grounds for unfair dismissal.

In most circumstances, when an employee’s job is made redundant they are entitled to receive redundancy pay.

In this case

Anya is a FIFO worker in the catering industry.

When she was made redundant, she was not paid any redundancy as the dismissal was due to the ‘ordinary turnover of labour’.

When her case was reviewed, it was identified that the employer had failed to attempt to re-deploy her to another available position for which she was well qualified to do. This meant that it was not a case of a genuine redundancy and amends were made.

If you are being made redundant, it is always worth asking us to assess the redundancy. We know the Act back to front and inside out!

If your employment has been ended or you’ve been made redundant, let us assess that you have been dismissed fairly,

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