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Workplace disputes CAN be resolved efficiently and economically. Unfortunately, it is usually not in the best interests of traditional law firms to do this, so individuals are unnecessarily dragged through a lengthy and expensive process.

Workclaims Australia resolve workplace disputes at a personal level. We provide sound, understandable workplace legal advice with a focus on resolution. You will be clear on what your options are, and have us in your corner so you can make the best decisions along the way. For you.

We are professional, speedy, and inexpensive.

Patrick Mullally

Chief Industrial Advocate

Patrick Mullally formed Workclaims Australia over 30 years ago with a vision to support Australian employees within the workplace.

His belief that every workplace should be fair and lawful has led him to personally handle hundreds of successful unfair dismissal claims. His experience is that people generally want to work, and to put any grievances behind them quickly. Where appropriate, Patrick guides resolutions towards reinstatement or redeployment and his skills and no-nonsense approach means escalation can often be avoided.

Patrick is an accomplished industrial advocate having managed matters before the Industrial Courts, the Fair Work Commission, the Industrial Relations Commission and the Equal Opportunity Commissions, both federal and state.

His broad base of knowledge in the fields of workplace relationships means he can help with both employers and employees.

It’s all in a day’s work.

For Workers

  • Ensure the law is protecting you in areas such as redundancies, workers compensation, discrimination, harassment, bullying and unfair dismissals
  • Complete and lodge applications on your behalf
  • Recover unpaid employment contract benefits
  • Recover unpaid leave, award payments and statutory entitlements
  • Attend and represent you at conciliation conferences, commissions and tribunals

For Employers

  • Ensure you are providing a safe and fair workplace
  • Identify threats to compliance
  • Review and implement policies and procedures
  • Tailor workplace documentation to reduce exposure
  • Attend and represent you at conciliation conferences, commissions and tribunals
  • Inform you of legislation, industry and Award changes and updates

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