One thing’s for sure.

Workclaims Australia charge a fraction of the cost of lawyers, and we are highly focused on resolution and outcomes, with no interest in making the process longer than necessary.

We have a range of fee structures for various stages of actions, depending on their complexity and urgency. We aim to be flexible and open about your prospects of success, potential risks and costs so you can make an informed decision. Some of our services, such as sending letters or making calls on your behalf, can be relatively inexpensive and yet highly effective.


Hourly rate

Our standard hourly rate, depending on the complexity of the work, ranges between $200 plus GST to $250 plus GST.


Fixed fee

Due to the uncertainty and duration of costs, some services – such as unfair dismissal claims for employees – can be negotiated with a fixed fee. Part of the fixed fee may be payable up front.


Outcome based fees

Payment is contingent on a successful outcome at the end of the process and a success fee contingent on the outcome to be agreed at commencement. This will be assessed in consultation with you and committed to writing and be guaranteed.


Pro bono or free work

Workclaims Australia set aside free advice and representation every year as special and exceptional cases come to our attention and at our discretion.

As our services are work related, in nearly all cases our fees are tax deductions.