Our Industrial Law services includes things like:

  • Drafting and negotiating the resolution of industrial disputes
  • Advising clients for workforce restructuring
  • Drafting and negotiate policies and procedures
  • Statutory obligations under Commonwealth and State legislation
  • Risk management of workplace hazards

Just in case.

A buildings material company allowed a casual labour hire worker to operate a crane without adequate supervision. The worker had no training and then did not properly report a safety incident.

However, it was accepted through evidence presented to the Commission that a precedent had been established in that the employer had allowed non-trained casual labour hire employees to operate cranes in the past without incident or reprisal. The employee was reinstated.

Failing to properly address instances of employee conduct promptly when they arise may mean you expose yourself to finding it difficult to justify dismissal for certain conduct at a later date. Workplace Australia can help review and draft employee conduct procedures to comply with the law.

Just in case.

Leo owns a chain of hairdressing stores and relies on his store managers to run the operational side of things. He was genuinely unaware that in one store, the manager was regularly verbally abusive, and staff were regularly crying and stressed at work.

As the owner, he was failing to provide a safe and fair workplace.

As soon as he was made aware of the problem, Leo took swift action to address the situation. No workers compensation claims were filed because there was no failure to act.

However, the chain now has new policies and runs staff training to ensure they have a more proactive approach.

Talk to us about creating uniquely tailored workplace documents for your situation. Being proactive is one of the best protective measures you can take.

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