Are you confident you are being legally compliant under the Fair Work Act 2009?

Your people are your best asset. But hiring people comes with responsibilities. Most employers want to do the right thing, but keeping on top of changes can be overwhelming.

Having been present at hundreds of workplace relations disputes means Workclaims Australia is well placed to help employers know what to look for to avoid having legitimate claims brought against them.

Workclaims Australia work with employers to review existing documentation, set up new contracts, and revise processes and policies to ensure you are fulfilling your obligations. As the Fair Work Commission has a national jurisdiction, we can represent you at a local or interstate level. Awards change regularly, so if you have trouble keeping up to date, getting specialist help is imperative.

Just in case.

A large not-for-profit organisation dismissed a store manager for serious misconduct amid allegations of theft.

CCTV footage purported to show the store manager holding stolen cash. She lodged an unfair dismissal claim.

Because the store manager was not given an opportunity to view the footage and respond properly prior to her dismissal, her unfair dismissal claim succeeded.

Even when there are grounds for dismissal, there are still processes that must be followed. If you are an employer unsure of the expectation of the disciplinary process, talk to us. While the law applies to all businesses, large employers are expected to adopt rigorous procedures.

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