News, Sexual Harassment


Last Friday’s Media Statement addressed the McGowan Government’s commitment to drive out sexual harassment in the mining industry and continuing to promote the health, safety and wellbeing of WA workers.

The government’s Mental Awareness, Respect and Safety program (MARS) was introduced in 2021 and has launched numerous projects including this week’s Landmark Study Worker Survey. The survey is set to provide insight on worker experiences in WA mining and increase mental health awareness.

Responding to, Managing and Investigating Sexual Harassment course is another recently launched initiative aimed at educating and training participants on how to manage incidents of sexual harassment and not cause further trauma and harm. The program is delivered by FIFO Focus, a team of psychologists and behavioural consultants that work with the FIFO employment sector to identify, manage and reduce psychosocial hazards.

Through this and other upcoming initiatives the McGowan government continues to move forward in the fight to eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace and enforcing a safe environment for women especially in the mining sector. If you have a problem, like this in the workplace call us: Workclaims Australia 93010850